Do You Really own your Music, Books, etc, or are you just renting them?

Over the summer, a potential lawsuit created some controversy by bringing to light an Apple policy saying that music was not transferable, and dies with you. It can't be bequeathed. When you die, your music is gone, and you can't bequeath it. That was frustrating to some, but this new detail is just ridiculous. Barnes and Noble's policy and system only allow you to use your books until your credit card expires. Have you read tons of books on your Nook? Despite the fact that you practically paid full price for those books  and despite it costing the makers nothing to produce, you're only … [Read more...]

Should Free In-Flight Wifi be a First Class Perk?

If you remember WAY back, I wrote about my experience with Gogo Inflight Internet, and seriously, internet makes the difference between a boring flight, and a productive flight. But current internet is prohibitively expensive for its' speed. A one day pass on Gogo costs  $14. In an age where domestic airlines are trying to differentiate without raising costs, I was wondering why none of them offered free Wifi fo domestic first class passengers. To research this subject further, I asked some of my favorite travel bloggers, and found some interesting points. So did they think it should be … [Read more...]

Hundreds Pay to Not Run in Non-Existant Marathon

Do you dream of running a marathon, but have no athletic ability or will to do so whatsoever? On February 2nd YOU can make people think you ran a marathon as a part of the 1st Annual Run-Free Fake Marathon. I'm not even joking. This Kickstarter Project is a Psychological Experiment into how many forged photos and tweets and updates it takes to "make a fake race real". For a price starting at $10, you get a marathon bib, T-shirt, medal (in a few packages), fake information packet, and everything else you'll need to make people actually believe you ran a marathon. Around the start of February, … [Read more...]

Chip Hidden in Google Nexus 4… And You Can Access It

When Google quietly announced it's latest flagship smartphone, the Nexus 4, which is made by LG, people were shocked that it did not have 4G LTE technology, but rather HSPA+. While HSPA+ is not bad (it actually can compete with LTE on speed) it isn't quite as fast and won't be supported as much in the future. Google says that they didn't include LTE in order to keep the cost down and ensure compatibility with all GSM networks. Apparently though, there is an LTE chip hidden inside the nexus 4. The Nexus 4's internals are largely based on LG's flagship smartphone the Optimus G. It is possible … [Read more...]