Find/Recover Your Wifi Password Immediately With your mac.

So you forgot your wifi password. It happens. Your friend comes over and wants your wifi password… and you can’t remember it. If you have a mac, you can recover it in under two minutes (I can do it in about 40 seconds). Also interesting: How To Set Up a Wifi Network using your iPhone.

You will need to have been on the wifi network before.

  1. Go to your applications folder.
  2. Open the utilities folder.
  3. Open the app called “keychain access”. It’s pretty easy to spot with keys as the logo.
  4. Find the name of your wifi network (i.e mynetwork1) and double click it.
  5. A box will open up. Click to check the box on the left labelled “show password”.
  6. Enter the password to your computer account when prompted.
  7. Your Wifi password will show up in the white box next to the box you just checked. Bammo.

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