Preparing for #Frankenstorm Nerd Style

A HUGE (by Northeast standards) storm is coming which will most likely know out power (and internet) for days to come, and I’m preparing for it in the most nerdy ways possible.

I want to make sure I can access the web for videos, and netflix, when TV is out and my DVR is out of good material (using a generator to run the TV, assuming it works. I also want to make sure I can keep posting here, and that I can do other work.

First, I’m charging everything. I’m fully charing my Retina Macbook Pro, my iPhone 4 which will also serve as my backup Wifi network (see how to set it up here), and the Samsung Galaxy Note on loan to me which will also serve as my backup wifi (using 4G!).

I’m also charging my Powerbag battery backpack(click to see my review) so that if I have no power, or I’m in an area without working outlets, I can charge my phone(s). It’s been a lifesaver in past storms.

Also at the ready is a second charged macbook Pro (my old one), and my infamous charged HP netbook, along with my bose QCs to block out any thunder. Good luck to the rest of you out there, and stay safe. How are you prepping for Frankenstorm?

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