MAJOR Flaw in iPhone 5 Bluetooth Could Cause You To Crash Your Car

The iPhone 5 seems great, but it has one MAJOR design flaw which could lead to serious injury or death. Today I’ll get into what the problem is, how widespread it is, and what you can do about it.

This story all starts when I was calling my father on his new iPhone 5. I could hear him but he could not hear me. All sorts of confusion ensued.

It turned out that the bluetooth on the iPhone 5 has a bug where it has issues taking incoming calls in cars. This is a major problem for a few reasons. First of all it’s a nuisance. Secondly, it can be quite distracting to the driver, and it can even pose a risk on the road.

It’s not just my father either. From online forum posts, and talks with car company and Apple techs, I have ascertained that the problem appears to be affecting several million people. According to sources at Apple, a fix is on the way from engineers and the car companies seem to be looking into it as well. The bug was spread across several varieties of vehicles and a cause has not yet been determined.

Apple is usually not the fastest at updating to fix issues (at least not without a public outcry) but if car manufacturers can fix it, I’m confident they will. Until then, drive safely. I’ll post some of the forum links below. Have you experienced this issue?



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    Is this based on just one experience?

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