Apple iPad Mini Event Recap “Cliff Notes”- New Macbook Pro, iPad, and More

Today Apple announced a ton of stuff, from a new line of macs, to a new line of iPads (yes, a line). There’s a lot of material that was covered, and as usual I took thorough notes during the keynote, and as usual I will share those with you so that you don’t have to watch the entire hour and a half long keynote.

New ibooks 3.0

  • night mode black on white- optimized for the dark. continuous scrolling
  • all purchases- even ones not downloaded are on bookshelf
    • first live keynote stream since era of steve ended- last was Beatles event with Steve
    • starting video the exact opposite of samsung commercials= the excitement over the launch
    • 200 million iOS 6 Devices
    • The usual apple boasting
    • 70 million shared photos
    • $6.5 bil to devs
  • new ibooks available today

Mac Stuff

  • Mac outgrew PC by 7 times this year- beating PC growth for six years straight
  • Apple has both the #1 selling laptop and notebook computer in US currently.
  • 13 inch macbook pro with retina
  • -Thinner with Retina display
    • no more dvd
    • all flash architecture
    • just 3.5 pounds
    • as thin as retina macbook pro
    • 13.3 inches
    • 2560x 1600- 4X the former pixels of 13 in.- 4 Million + pixels
    • second only in pixels on notebook to 15 inch retina- mor
    • more contrast
    • less reflection
    • brighter display
    • lots of compatible apps now that supports Retina Display
    • stereo speakers- better audio
    • quieter fans- asymmetrical
    • asymmetric batteries= apple loves that asymmetry- 7 hours- yeah right- probably around five hours in reality
    • 8 GB of RAM standard
    • ivy bridge processors
    • airplay to apple tv streaming
    • teeny tiny 128 GB SSD- not much space for that price
    • $1699 are you kidding?- $500 less than standard Retina macbook
    • starts shipping today
    • environmentally friendly
    • black background in video- no white- interesting choice- first time in years- Apple white on black instead of black on white
    • macbook air, macbook pro standard, and macbook pro retina all still sold
  • Mac mini

    • usb 3.0, bluetooth 4, ivy bridge, up to 16 GB upgradable of ram- starting at $599 with 500 GB HDD- pretty good deal
    • $999 server w/ 1 TB
    • most energy efficient desktop in the world
  • iMac

    • IPS Display- the same screen tech as in many high end tablets
    • flagship of line
    • going back in history- relaunched apple’s style
    • New version is incredibly thin- as thick as a pencil
    • WOW- looks incredible
    • no disk drive- that could be a problem
    • 5 MM- 80% thinner
    • laser welding to put it together- friction stir welding- molecules merged together
    • thinner display- no air gap between display and glass
    • 8 pounds lighter
    • stereo audio
    • up to 32GB RAM, up to 3TB HDD or a lot (768GB?) of flash. Four USB 3 ports, two Thunderbolts, ahhh he did that so fast.
    • 21.5-inch iMac, 2.7GHz i5, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD is the base model: $1,299.

CLICK HERE To Go To Part 2 (iPad Mini and iPad 4 Details)Photos:

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