Monthly Archive: October 2012

Best Jokes And Memes For Hurricane Sandy

Sandy sucks. The cell towers are so overloaded that my web surfing has been brought to a crawl. Optimum is out meaning no regular internet or TV. The generator mentioned the other day is providing limited support. That’s why I wanted to provide some comic relief to those of you who like me must face the wrath of Sandy A.K.A Frankenstorm. Enjoy and let...

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Microsoft: “We’re Back” with Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Surface

We’ve done a lot of polling lately, and one of the things we asked you was “What do you think of Windows 8?” The split was pretty even for whether people liked it now, but 29% of you said that you believed Windows 8 is a step in the right direction. That’s just one step though; Microsoft has worked hard recently to reimagine their...

Preparing for #Frankenstorm Nerd Style

A HUGE (by Northeast standards) storm is coming which will most likely know out power (and internet) for days to come, and I’m preparing for it in the most nerdy ways possible. I want to make sure I can access the web for videos, and netflix, when TV is out and my DVR is out of good material (using a generator to run the...

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