Will the Galaxy Note 2 Fit in Pockets? and other Note 2 Answers Revealed

Samsung recently released their second galaxy note , known as the galaxy not


e two, and people have been wondering a lot. So as someone who has used the note a lot, and seen the note 2, I thought I’d dispel some of those myths and answer some questions. Got any more questions? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll answer them there.


Will the Galaxy Note II Fit in pockets?

Yes. Definitely. It seems huge, and it is, but any (male) clothing article could fit it in its’ pockets. And most female articles of clothing as well. The older, thicker note f

it into my tightest pair of jeans easily, and had room. The new device is thinner, and only 1/2 an inch larger which is literally minuscule on this device. There should be no problems there.


Is the screen better?

That’s a challenging question to answer. While the screen’s pixelage (amount of pixels) is supposedly lower, the screen uses a new design to hide pixels and make it look of a higher quality. But, it’s still the same old (not really that old) AMOLED Display.

Is it smoother?

Once again a sort of trick question. While it does have more RAM and a better processor, the improvements stem more from the update to Jellybean (Android’s next OS). The first Galaxy Note is still stuck on ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich). That’s one of the reasons why I stick to iphones and IOS for personal use. Android manufacturers screw you in that they lock you into a two year contract without even upgrading you to the latest OS. And some phones for sale are one or two generations old. So by the end of your contract you may end up with software that is three generations old. But this is changing, and slowly manufacturers are working on this so this might one day not be a problem.

When is the Note 2 Available in the U.S.A?

Sometime in the middle of the Holiday season the note II will be on AT&T.

So that’s the first few questions I got/ thought to answer. But I know there are a lot more, which is why I’m reminding you to ask your questions in the comments. I’ll answer whatever you’ve got.


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