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iStopmotion 3 Review

Animation is cool, but it requires a bunch of fancy expensive softwares and equipment to produce anything good. This stereotype used to be true, but istopmotion 3, released this week from Boinx has set out to change that… and it has.

In the past, Boinx has offered a non-HD, non-Professional version of their istopmotion software for $50, and the real mccoy HD pro version for around $300 or $400. To create a great animation you also needed a nice camera that interfaced well with the application. That could set you back another $150 or more. That’s not to say you couldn’t create a nice animation without all of the cameras or software, but it was significantly harder.

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But for iPhone and mac users, things have changed. First of all, Boinx has given their new istopmotion 3 the full pro feature set and HD for only $30 through August 31st, and only $50 afterword. This brings great stop-action software to the masses.

Secondly, Boinx has built in a way for you to use your iPhone or iPad as an HD camera. Using a free IOS app, and a wifi connection your iPhone automatically pops up in the list of available cameras. Using your computer, you can remotely capture frames, set and lock exposure and white balance, and color correct. From there you can upload straight to FCX or iMovie with the click of a button.

The only issue I have encountered is the lack of a 30 FPS HD setting. It’s not included, but it is makable via custom settings which is how I eventually did it. You also have to change to that setting for every project which can get redundant.

For iPhone users who want to animate directly from their device, see this post.

I paid full price, and it was worth every penny. Where I have been disappointed with istopmotion in the past, they have perfectly patched the holes and created an incredible app at an incredible price. If this sounds like an app for you, buy it now before August 31st and save $20. Highly Recommended. Rating: (5/5) Perfect Score


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5 thoughts on “iStopmotion 3 Review”

  1. chris says:

    Well this sounds like a dream !
    I wonder if release 3 adds some features to handle several shots instead of one. This has been a issue from the beginning. Some other stopmo apps allow to manage many shots, like a light editing module. I miss this in iStopMotion 2 …

    1. appstorechronicle says:

      It has color correction built in for capture if that’s what you mean.

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