Dear Youtube

Sign your name to the petition by leaving a comment below. Dear Youtube Staff, I've been active on Youtube for more than six years, but things have been going downhill to the point where I can no longer find what I want, and therefore I can't use your site. When I come to Youtube I want new, fresh content from people I've never heard of before. But recently, Youtube has made it harder to find what I want. It used to be as easy as heading to the front page to find the popular content. But now that isn't even an option. All I can see is the crappy "recommended for you" section where … [Read more...]

How To Have Full Control over Who Sees Your Facebook Posts

Facebook is a great way to share with your friends, but some things you only want to share with a few friends. There are a few ways to do that, and here's how.Create A GroupFor friends you talk with frequently. Basically a Facebook wall that only you and they can see. Set it as a super-secret group for the most privacy.Send a messageSeems like a strangely obvious solution, but chats really do work great for best friends, couples, groups etc. to stay in touch.Set exactly who you want to see your postsOn any regular post, photo, or video you create, you can set things to display or not display … [Read more...]

Ipad Mini To Replace ipod touch?

There are strong rumors that Apple will release a new, small mobile tablet for just games and apps. I'd just like to point out to the many that ignore this fact that Apple already has a device like this. It's called an iPod touch. And as I see it, when the iPad mini (or whatever they call it) comes around, the iPod touch will be out the window.The iPhone was popular,  but it was the affordable touch that really launched the mobile revolution. Millions of kids put it on their wish lists, and it sold incredibly well, bringing along app sales as well. But as smartphones and tablets such as … [Read more...]