Monthly Archive: August 2012

Dear Youtube

Sign your name to the petition by leaving a comment below. Dear Youtube Staff, I’ve been active on Youtube for more than six years, but things have been going downhill to the point where I can no longer find what I want, and therefore I can’t use your site. When I come to Youtube I want new, fresh content from people I’ve never heard...

How To Have Full Control over Who Sees Your Facebook Posts

Facebook is a great way to share with your friends, but some things you only want to share with a few friends. There are a few ways to do that, and here’s how. Create A Group For friends you talk with frequently. Basically a Facebook wall that only you and they can see. Set it as a super-secret group for the most privacy. Send...

Ipad Mini To Replace ipod touch?

There are strong rumors that Apple will release a new, small mobile tablet for just games and apps. I’d just like to point out to the many that ignore this fact that Apple already has a device like this. It’s called an iPod touch. And as I see it, when the iPad mini (or whatever they call it) comes around, the iPod touch will...

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