Dangerous Expectations for iphone 5?

I've been waiting three years for the iphone 5, and I'm not alone. Millions of people (several of which I know) have held off on buying the iphone in hopes of a new and amazing iphone 5. Expectations are so high that some people have held on to broken phones to avoid getting locked into another contract and not being able to upgrade.But what if it doesn't meet expectations? We're expecting a radical new design but we really don't know what to expect. What if they keep it in the same form and just add 4G and a better camera? What if...? Just some food for thought.Posts provided by The App Store … [Read more...]

4 Promising Gadgets in 2012

Technology can be frustrating. In a world where most hardware makers share the same operating system (i.e. Android, Windows) I see them release crappy device after crappy device and they're all the same. Luckily a few fine gadgets have been released that will really set a standard, and I wanted to highlight four devices that are really unique and well built. Google Nexus 7The Nexus 7 is a truly unique device in that it is the first tablet to bring speed and quality at such a low price point. For $200 Google is offering a 7 inch tablet with tons of RAM, a quad core processor, a new OS, and a … [Read more...]

Canon Releases 1st Mirorless Camera

After a long wait Canon has released their first mirrorless pro camera and it looks to fit right in with the pack. Billed under their EOS brand as the EOS M, the camera features a small form factor, interchangeable lenses, and touch screen controls for the price of $800/What I dislike about this camera is that Canon took a consumer approach to a professional camera. While the camera still features an 18 MP sensor, it's much harder to play around with this camera versus a DSLR. There are nearly no manual controls on the body of the camera meaning that you need to search through a touch screen … [Read more...]

Pressreader review- Finally a Subscription news Service!

A few months ago I got an email from the folks at Pressreader asking me if I would review their service. Knowing me, you know I never turn down an opportunity to try a free service, so I gave it a try, and I can tell you that what Pressreader offers truly is unique. Pressreader offers a database of 2100+ publications which can be viewed on mobile devices in newspaper form as if you bought it off of a news stand, or in an optimized reading format. I tested them on my iphone, and an ipad, but their apps are also available on blackberry, Android, and Windows (unfortunately no mac app … [Read more...]