Review: Swipetie – Neck Tie / Screen Cleaner

swipe tie review

Ties are often percieved as either nerdy or formal, but my new tie takes it to a whole 'nother level. Swipe Tie sent me their insanely awesome tie to review, and you've gotta read what this thing does. Swipe Tie is a fine, handmade tie with a BUILT IN Hidden microfiber cloth to clean your glasses, iphone, ipad, etc. I hate screen smudges, and the Swipe tie performed briliantly against dirt, finger prints, and a little bit of water. My colors were classic, came in a really snazzy packaging (I love the art of packaging- one of Apple's finest achievements, and SwipeSwipe's too) and the colors … [Read more...]

Apple About to Redesign Itunes? About time

There have been several reports that Apple is about to overhaul itunes, and to that I say I hope so. Why? It's long overdue. Other services have been catching up, and the current itunes is bloated, slow, and outdated.Over the past few years, several useful features such as CD burning have been removed from itunes while Apple only added Ping. Ping, Apple's social network for music, has flopped miserably after a major release. Itunes sales have still grown, but the software needs a serious facelift, and the service needs a complete overhaul.So what will we see in the new itunes?Itunes 2012 will … [Read more...]

Chrome Hits 310 Million + users #Calledit #Google

Well, I told you so. I said Chrome was the browser of the future and I was right. To be honest, I stopped using Chrome much on my Mac due to RAM limitations, but that will soon no longer be a problem.Chrome's biggest advantage may just be what made me stop using it. My mac only has 2 GB of RAM and each tab, app, and extension in Chrome takes up a massive amount of RAM. This is all thanks to a process called Sandboxing which fragments your browser and walls each tab off from the rest of your computer to keep it safe. It's a great feature, but the usage was just too high for a 2GB RAM mac while … [Read more...]

New Macbook Pro Test Results

Hi all. Today I ran some more advanced functionality tests on the new macbook pro and it performed fantastically. Here are the sick results. The Specs2.3 GHz Intel Quad core i7 with 8 GB of 1600 DDR3 RAM with 251 GB SSD and Retina display. Test 1- MultitaskingI was able to open and use 17 programs continually before seeing a slowdown. The SSD and RAM meant every program opened in under 4 seconds, and even with the 17 programs running I was sort of still able to operate the machine. This machine is definitely perfect or even overkill for even advanced video editors. If you're doing 3D animation … [Read more...]