How Your iPhone Can improve Your Golf Game!

The appMy golf game is not the best... but it's getting better especially thanks to technology. For example, I use apps such as Iswing to monitor my swing and correct issues that pop up. But can you improve your golf game using a free app?The answer is yes. Nike now offers a free iOS app called Nike Golf 360 which helps you to monitor and improve your game. You can enter scores from a wide variety of sources, keep tabs on stats such as putts per round and driving accuracy, and do much more.One section of the app lets you video your swing, or import video, and slow it down to any speed to watch … [Read more...]

Get Actionshot App for free!

Recently apps like Gifboom and have been gaining popularity for bringing motion to photo, but the most creative app based on this principle is brand new, and it's called Actionshot (free by the way).Actionshot is a fantastic app that creates motion in motionless images in a way in which I have not yet seen in other apps. The app starts by taking five photos (can be adjusted from 2-10) at about 1 second intervals (also adjustable by the Millisecond). This works best with something in motion, like someone dunking a basketball. When you're done, you can edit each photo to make parts … [Read more...]

“Slow and steady Wins the Race”- Verizon

Your iphone is so slow? It must be Apple's quite. You see, if it's an issue with online apps and web browsing, it's likely your carrier that's causing you the problem. In my case, Verizon is the cause of my troubles. Verizon advertises 1Mbps Download speeds, but for the top 5% of data users, they slow you down.Throttled iphoneUnthrottled Iphone This isn't a little slowdown. As you can see from the tests I ran below on two iphones side by side at the same time on the same network, the throttled one performed more than 50% better. It's frustrating that the people that actually … [Read more...]

Beware the Phishers: How to keep your Data SAFE!

We all know how to spot phishing scams...or do we. When a family member of mine texted me a link and said I could get a free iphone recently, I assumed their phone had been stolen by scammers. It turned out that they were just naive about phishing scams. Some people just don't recognize them. Sometimes even I'm fooled for a second by a phishing scam I see via email, so I put together some tips to protect your data.example Facebook phishing scamCheck the URL (i.e If you get an email from "Facebook" and the email address it's sent from is [email protected] or the link … [Read more...]