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Monthly Archives: May 2012

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How Your iPhone Can improve Your Golf Game!

The app My golf game is not the best… but it’s getting better especially thanks to technology. For example, I use apps such as Iswing to monitor my swing and correct issues that pop up. But can you improve your golf game using a free

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Get Actionshot App for free!

Recently apps like Gifboom and have been gaining popularity for bringing motion to photo, but the most creative app based on this principle is brand new, and it’s called Actionshot (free by the way). Actionshot is a fantastic app that creates motion in motionless

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“Slow and steady Wins the Race”- Verizon

Your iphone is so slow? It must be Apple’s fault…eh…not quite. You see, if it’s an issue with online apps and web browsing, it’s likely your carrier that’s causing you the problem. In my case, Verizon is the cause of my troubles. Verizon advertises 1Mbps

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