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Monthly Archives: April 2012

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How You May Be Able To Watch FREE

Do you want to watch live TV online on your computer for free? Believe it or not, you may already possess the tools to do this. Allow me to elaborate. Many Television providers including Optimum, and Comcast are now offering Digital and mobile options which

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Youtube Overhauls Partner Program- April 2012

if you haven’t noticed, Youtube completely revamped their partner program. Here’s how the new program works. In the past, you had to apply or be invited. Now, if you have successfully monetized 1+ videos, you will be a “low level” partner (same as Youtube monetization

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The Unintentional Celebrity Hacker

Not sure if you guys have seen this but you must check this out. This guy named Chris Chackney gave a tell-all interview on his fascinating story. He had absolutely no programming abilities or education, but using perseverance and his head he hacked into several

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