How You May Be Able To Watch FREE

Do you want to watch live TV online on your computer for free? Believe it or not, you may already possess the tools to do this. Allow me to elaborate.Many Television providers including Optimum, and Comcast are now offering Digital and mobile options which will allow you to watch live TV without having to be near your TV. Comcast offers mobile applications for ios and more allowing you to watch items on demand anywhere. My cable company, Optimum offers a similar mobile app which also allows the user to watch live TV when on their home Wifi network, plus a fantastic computer app (which you can … [Read more...]

Review: Snapchat- Fun Social Photosharing App– or something more Devious?

Today I'm showcasing a strange free app someone showed me. Voice chatting, video chatting, and texting are all in the mainstream now with apps like Skype, iMessage, Facetime, and the thousands of other social apps. But what other communications mediums are still untapped? How about photo-chatting? Yes, I'm talking about communicating with photos. A friend showed me an app the other day called Snapchat, and it has been occupying my time as I tried to understand it ever since. For years, to show emotion from afar, all we had was  emoticons, so Snapchat completely changes the … [Read more...]

Youtube Overhauls Partner Program- April 2012

if you haven't noticed, Youtube completely revamped their partner program. Here's how the new program works. In the past, you had to apply or be invited. Now, if you have successfully monetized 1+ videos, you will be a "low level" partner (same as Youtube monetization partner of the past). You will not get custom branding, headers, and thumbnails (yet) but you are on Youtube's radar. Eventually those features will be rewarded to growing channels in "good standing"The sucky part is you can no longer apply, so it's a game of luck getting branding and full partnership now, unless you already have … [Read more...]

The Unintentional Celebrity Hacker

Not sure if you guys have seen this but you must check this out. This guy named Chris Chackney gave a tell-all interview on his fascinating story. He had absolutely no programming abilities or education, but using perseverance and his head he hacked into several celebrity email accounts. The story in GQ tells of someone who only wanted to show himself that he could do it, but ended up in prison and infamous.His hobby grew from a small one, to a dangerously large addiction and in the end it led to his current situation:"One night, he finally gave in to the temptation to talk. "I let my … [Read more...]