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Reader submission: Cyberkill

Today’s app review came to my iphone at the recommendation of a reader. If you would like an app reviewed, there’s a tab for that. Look in the menu bar on our site and you will see it.

 So, on to the app. The App is called Cyberkill and is available for free on the App store. Warning though, there is an ad on the bottom, and like all smartphone ads, that means it will use data. Anyways, the concept is pretty cool. The app is an enhanced e-reader for a single book. Unlike ibooks, and other popular reading apps, this one allows you to tap on character’s names in the text, and get a photo, and biography of the character. I found this fantastic, because knowing the characters creates a more immersive reading experience. The app had all of the standard features of an e-reader, including a dictionary, highlighting, and navigation. My only real issue is that the app is only a single book. This app merges some innovative concepts which I am excited to see more in the future. Check out Cyberkill on the ios App store now, for free.

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