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Monthly Archives: March 2012

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How To Handle HP Customer Service

So you’re having a problem with an HP product? Too bad for you, if you bought it 365 days or more ago. Too bad, if your product is broken in a way not covered by their warranty. Too bad? That’s what I was told when

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Reader submission: Cyberkill

Today’s app review came to my iphone at the recommendation of a reader. If you would like an app reviewed, there’s a tab for that. Look in the menu bar on our site and you will see it.  So, on to the app. The App is called

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Can Blackberry Be Saved? Link Post

Can RIM and Blackberry save themselves. Everybody seems to have a different opinion. Even my own family is divided. Blackberry definitely has some valuable aspects such as their BBM proprietary messaging service, but everyone agrees that they must inovate beyond anything that has been done before to save their

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Are YOU Using Google Play?

You may have noticed that this month Google officially added a new service, Google Play. I’m curious if anybody has adopted it yet. The Umbrella service sells books, games, Android Applications, and music in a way similar to Apple’s itunes store. I’m interested to see

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