Pink iphone: How To Get a Pink Iphone

A Pink iPhone

So you want a pink iphone? Impossible right? Wrong. You can have yourself a pink iphone in 24 hours. I’ll show you how right here. All it takes to get a pink iPhone is a company called ifix-direct. Before you do this, you will need to already own an iphone (it can be black or white).

  1. Head to the website of ifix-direct.
  2. On their website, find the transformation package and choose pink. It will cost between $170 and $180 for the conversion. They’ve also got a lot of other cool modifications such as making the back apple logo glow, and making your phone transparent so that you can see the parts on the interior.
  3. Follow the shipping instructions.
  4. They will convert your phone using custom-made pink parts at their repair center and ship it back to you.
  5. Read this article.

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