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Monthly Archives: January 2012

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Obama 2012 To Take Payments Using iphones

Jack Dorsey, the founder andĀ ChairmanĀ of Twitter must feel pretty good today. His next creation, Square, of which he is now the CEO has been adopted by Obama For America. For those of you who don’t know Square, Square is a mobile payment company with an

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Evi For iphone: The Worst Siri Replacement on The Market

Recently, a new Siri knockoff was launched into the app store, and Android Market. Bad idea. The knockoff called Evi($.99) had so many downloads, and concurrently so many people using the app at the same time (several thousand people) that the servers were overloaded meaning

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Review: Qik Video For iphone

Do you ever see something that you want to share quickly with friends and family? Do you want to video-chat over 3G? Do you want to produce your own live recorded web-show from your iphone? All of these things are possible with Qik video by

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Wish your ipad Happy Birthday!

The Apple ipad is now two. On January 27th of 2010 Apple unveiled the hit tablet. A year later they delivered the ipad 2 in white, and black as a faster, lighter tablet with cameras. The ipad is fast. The ipad has cameras. What can

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