Obama 2012 To Take Payments Using iphones

Jack Dorsey, the founder and Chairman of Twitter must feel pretty good today. His next creation, Square, of which he is now the CEO has been adopted by Obama For America. For those of you who don't know Square, Square is a mobile payment company with an unusual business model. Square gives out tiny white "Squares" that attach to the iphone/ipad/Android device through the headphone jack, and couples that with a mobile application which uses the square as a credit card reader. The square, and app are free, and in return Square (the company) receives a commission on the sale. Since the Obama … [Read more...]

Evi For iphone: The Worst Siri Replacement on The Market

Recently, a new Siri knockoff was launched into the app store, and Android Market. Bad idea. The knockoff called Evi($.99) had so many downloads, and concurrently so many people using the app at the same time (several thousand people) that the servers were overloaded meaning it has barely worked over the past few days.That is coupled with the fact that it lacks a lot of core functionality you would expect. First of all, the voice recognition is weak at best, and works accurately about 35-40% of the time. The app cannot send messages like Siri, and has a very weak places section that is poor at … [Read more...]

Review: Qik Video For iphone

Do you ever see something that you want to share quickly with friends and family? Do you want to video-chat over 3G? Do you want to produce your own live recorded web-show from your iphone? All of these things are possible with Qik video by Skype, and the name is not deceiving. This nifty free little app is extremely fast. In my testing it took 47.84 seconds to open the app, Login, and begin a recording and a live show. When I was already logged in it took just 7.57 seconds to open, and begin broadcasting and recording. Not only is it unbelievably fast... It is also extremely easy to … [Read more...]

Wish your ipad Happy Birthday!

The Apple ipad is now two. On January 27th of 2010 Apple unveiled the hit tablet. A year later they delivered the ipad 2 in white, and black as a faster, lighter tablet with cameras. The ipad is fast. The ipad has cameras. What can we expect from the ipad 3 when it comes out (within the next few months)? We will see highly improved cameras. I expect that it will be the 1080p HD 8mp Camera set that is currently on the iphone. We will definitely see improved battery life. I think Apple could shock the world with ana amazingly strong new battery. I'm calling a battery that can last one week of … [Read more...]