Myspace: How long till bankruptcy?

Myspace was the first into the frontier of successful social networking. From 2005-2008 they were the most visited site in the world. From 2004-2008 I had an account. Myspace wasn’t always just creeps and bad musicians.

But Facebook kicked Myspace’s @$$ and now they are #1 and Myspace is #130 and falling. Myspace’s founder Tom Anderson even said on a recent visit to Facebook Hq “Why am I not on MySpace? Because, I left the company in early 2009, and like most of you, I don’t like using it anymore.. not a fan of what the new folks have done with MySpace”. 

For those of you who don’t already know Myspace is now owned by Justin Timberlake of singing and “Social Network” fame (Conflict of Interest Huh?) and another small company. I figure that if the founder of a company doesn’t even like it then they are screwed.

Could they come back? That is what happened with Apple in the 90’s. But let’s face the fact that Myspace has been dead for two years and there will be no resurrection.

I bet that Myspace will be bankrupt by next December. When did you leave Myspace?

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4 Responses

  1. Kevin Wayne says:

    I could care less about what Tom thinks about MySpace. Effing Moron, supporting that time wasting, privacy disrespecting engine known as Facebarf!

    And where did you get this nonsense that they are at #130? Google lists MySpace as #61 out of the Top 1000 sites worldwide, with over 45 Million unique visitors and over 1 Billion page views! It's still ahead of other competitors like Tumblr and Huffington Post. Take a look:

    Timberlake and Specific Media have been working to improve a few things. I have noticed that they slowly but surely fixed the problems with the new .mp3 player, so at least it displays properly. They added “Radio Stations” which I assume is trying to ape (Idk, I hate and closed my account recently.)

    They are supposed to do an official relaunch in 2012, so I'm hoping for better things, soon. Btw my MySpace is at:

  2. Jackson m says:

    Dont troll kevin. Nice post. Sounds like the alexa ranking of myspace

  3. Flier says:

    Yeah. Jackson is right. It's the Alexa ranking.@Kevin I just thought the quotes were interesting.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I'd rather go with or http://www.tumb.r com

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