Learning To Count Cards…The Easy Way- An App!

Today I bought Card Counting ($.99 Universal) and so far the app works very well. Here’s my review:

Pros: This app really did teach me to count cards. The rules of counting are simply presented with neat charts and paragraphs. The practice system is a nice way to learn and features seven variable speeds so I was able to start slow and work my way up. There is also a second type of practice this offers which lets you watch blackjack rounds and keep the count. After a certain number of hands or a random number depending on a setting, it will test you on the count.

Cons: Crashes every 15-20 minutes of use. You can’t practice playing- You can only watch and keep the count. The interface is a little cheesy and the cards are small.

Conclusion: This is a great way to quickly and funnly learn to count cards. There are still a few bugs to work out though.

App: Card Counting ($.99 Universal)
Rating: Interface: 

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