A 2011 Sendoff- Nerd Style

Happy New Years Everybody! Below the counter is a list of what we have to look forward to in 2012:ipad 3Apple TelevisionRetina Display Macbook ProsAndroid @HomeWindows 8And much much more.Coming in 2012 we'll have New Macbook ProsWe'll have new buildings, and iphones, and rooftops that growApple, and Google will both change the gameWith all this excitement 2012 will not be lamePosts provided by The App Store Chronicle- All Rights reserved … [Read more...]

Learning To Count Cards…The Easy Way- An App!

Today I bought Card Counting ($.99 Universal) and so far the app works very well. Here's my review:Pros: This app really did teach me to count cards. The rules of counting are simply presented with neat charts and paragraphs. The practice system is a nice way to learn and features seven variable speeds so I was able to start slow and work my way up. There is also a second type of practice this offers which lets you watch blackjack rounds and keep the count. After a certain number of hands or a random number depending on a setting, it will test you on the count.Cons: Crashes every 15-20 minutes … [Read more...]

Santa’s Google Search Rap: Tek Vs Tek

Apple Vs GoogleOur Winner: Google!This is the first edition to our Tek Vs Tek series which puts all varieties of technology against each other. Today we compare Apple and Google's Christmas/Holiday videos.In response to Apple's Santa Siri ad, Googlers put the rap together quickly. Since this video is geared more toward Youtube I personally think it is more creative so I like it better, but I put the Siri ad underneath for good measure since this is a competition and that ad is more professionally done. The acting is Better as is the quality of the Siri ad but the Google ad is funnier and more … [Read more...]

Tech News of The Week: 4th Edition

Hey Fellow Nerds. It's thursday which means today is when I run through the big tech news of the week. This week has been pretty quiet but there were some cool stories:Facebook Launches Awareness Campaign For Advertsing: I found this brilliant. Honestly I don't get the fuss. People say "I hate the new Facebook" and "I'm leaving" and then they stay because no minor change can make Facebook anything but the funloving community we know. But this is a cool link for those who are curious about the purpose of Facebook ads. Here's the linkGodaddy Going Down: Godaddy, one of the largest domain hosts … [Read more...]