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Monthly Archives: December 2011

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A 2011 Sendoff- Nerd Style

Happy New Years Everybody! Below the counter is a list of what we have to look forward to in 2012: ipad 3 Apple Television Retina Display Macbook Pros Android @Home Windows 8 And much much more. Coming in 2012 we’ll have New Macbook Pros We’ll

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Learning To Count Cards…The Easy Way- An App!

Today I bought Card Counting ($.99 Universal) and so far the app works very well. Here’s my review: Pros: This app really did teach me to count cards. The rules of counting are simply presented with neat charts and paragraphs. The practice system is a

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Santa’s Google Search Rap: Tek Vs Tek

Apple Vs Google Our Winner: Google! This is the first edition to our Tek Vs Tek series which puts all varieties of technology against each other. Today we compare Apple and Google’s Christmas/Holiday videos. In response to Apple’s Santa Siri ad, Googlers put the rap

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Tech News of The Week: 4th Edition

Hey Fellow Nerds. It’s thursday which means today is when I run through the big tech news of the week. This week has been pretty quiet but there were some cool stories: Facebook Launches Awareness Campaign For Advertsing: I found this brilliant. Honestly I don’t

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