Monthly Archive: November 2011

Review: Speck PixelSkin HD TPU Case for iPhone

The Snazzy Case- You can click the photo to learn more Today we will review the Pixelskin HD case by Speck. This case is a rubber case that covers the back and sides of the phone. We put it through its paces today. Pros: This case is a pretty effective shock absorber. It’s made of a strong rubberlike polymer called TPU and the stylish...

An interesting Note From Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg wrote an interesting note which was posted to the Facebook blog today. I thought I would share it below so you can find it easily. Our Commitment to the Facebook Community by Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday, November 29, 2011 at 12:39pm I founded Facebook on the idea that people want to share and connect with people in their lives, but to do this everyone...

Sotheby To Auction Apple Founding Papers

If you have an extra $100,000 lying around you should bid on the papers founding Apple computer co. The papers are signed by Jobs and Woz and even the withdrawl form of Ron Wayne is included. This is a true piece of history. Posts provided by The App Store Chronicle- All Rights reserved

How Much Lighter is the 4S Compared to the Original iphone?

Technology is always getting lighter. The ipad dropped .2 pounds from ipad top ipad2. So how much lighter is the revolutionary 4S of 2011 versus the obsolete original iphone of ’07? It isn’t. The iphone 4S is actually one ounce heavier than the original iphone. It is still lighter and a great and well designed phone but Apple engineers haven’t been able to do...

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