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Dear CVS CEO: I wouldn’t give up on ApplePay just yet

[This letter was emailed to CVS Caremark CEO Larry Merlo this morning.] Dear Mr. Merlo, According to sources, you’re looking to build a system that allows you to circumvent credit card processing fees. I’m not a betting man, but I promise you that your solution will do no more than waste your company’s time, and money. Over the rest of this letter, I’ll try...

3D Printing Guide in under 1000 words

Read Now: 3D Printing in under 1000 words

We’ve got a special new book just for you. 3D printing can be  confusing, and before our new e-book, learning about it could take some time. That’s why we packed about 3-4 hours worth of content into a 20-30 minute e-book. We wanted to make it easy to learn about 3D printing. Reading “3D Printing In Under 1000 Words” is not going to make...

final credit card app

This Startup Fixed The Credit Card | Startup Of The Month

Target, Home Depot, Staples. Every retailer appears to be susceptible to credit card breaches these days, which is why this month’s startup offers a particularly useful, insightful product. October’s Startup Of The Month is Final, short for ‘your final credit card’. Rather than assigning you a single static credit card number, Final gives a different credit card number to each place you buy something....

mark zuckerberg old lecture harvard cs50

Mark Zuckerberg Did An Entire Q&A In Chinese

It’s no secret that Mark Zuckerberg recently set out to learn Chinese with his wife Priscilla. Surprisingly though, he’s progressed enough that today, he did an entire question-and-answer session in Chinese. Zuckerberg was visiting Tsinghua University in Beijing as part of his asian tour. Warning: It may take a minute to load, because Facebook’s video system is very slow. Unless you speak Chinese, you probably...

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